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Atara Noiade, DAOM, MSci, LAc.
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Client Testimonials
Help for my sciatic pain 
Dr. Noaide's treatments helped reduce the pain and aid in healing my lower back pain. Also, an unrelated pain in my heel/achilles tendon. She also helped many massage clients of mine with various complaints.​​
Longboat Key, FL, USA

Vision restored with acupuncture​
After a very long time with poor vision of 20/280 and 20/80; double vision, etc., my vision is now clear. This is due to acupuncture. Years ago I began seeking medical treatment for my eyes. After only one treatment with acupuncture my vision became very clear. After the initial visit, I was able to see the bottom line of the eye chart. I was surprised and excited about the results! After returning to my physician for a routine exam my vision was not only better: My vision had returned to the normal 20/20 in both eyes. The physician was astounded and said he did not know why it had improved so much but he would have to say that acupuncture treatment obviously was a huge influence.
I am so grateful to have my vision restored! I highly recommend Atara Noiade.
Seattle, WA, USA

Atara was recommended to me by a friend as I struggled through a difficult time with my body and mind. Atara's calm and understanding nature immediately gave me renewed faith and hope for a sustainable recovery. She was careful to understand everything I was going through and adapted her treatments accordingly. What I loved the most were the practical tips that helped me manage my own health. Today I enjoy a much more balanced level of wellbeing and I know I couldn't have done that without Ataras expertise, her lovely energy and her holistic approach.
Paru, Wexford, Ireland

Traumatic Brain Injury
My experience with Chinese Medicine: Years ago, while living in Los Angeles, I suffered from migraine headaches. I sought out a Chinese Medicine Doctor. He prescribed herbal medications for me and went to work on me through acupuncture. The herbs were dried leaves that smelled of "forest floor". I drank three cups a day. I went to acupuncture three times a week.
Months passed and I was still seeing my Chinese Doctor. I did improve. The headaches decreased in frequency. I felt better overall. In addition, I injured my knee while exercising. The Chinese Doctor helped me. My knee pain vanished.
Then my family and I moved to Washington State. My husband found Atara to help me recover from traumatic brain injury. Her work is fantastic. She cares. She heals.

Andrea Opalenik
D.O., Bainbridge Island, USA

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